Daily Immune Support

Ultra Immune® is the first of its kind to combine 10 key ingredients into one immune supplement optimized for daily use. Experience the difference a healthy immune system can make.

Glucan 300®
Beta Glucan & BiAloe®

Scientifically formulated for immune system support, our Glucan 300® combines two uniquely powerful brands into one natural, safe product.

Ingredients Matter

Ingredients make the product. Each and every ingredient is the result of rigorous research and herbal expertise and is included in concentrations that make a difference.

In order to demonstrate the synergistic effects of combining Glucan 300® and BiAloe®, Ultra Immune commissioned an independent study with Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka (University of Louisville School of Medicine), a pioneering and well-published research scientist on the subject of beta glucan, the variability in beta glucan products and immune system support.

The seminal research study undertaken by Vetvicka et al culminated in a series of publications in which Glucan 300&#174 was identified as being superior to other commercially available beta glucan ingredients or products.

Attached is a link to our digital brochure that helps tell our story, define our brand and communicate the value we deliver in every product we make.

Why Ultra Immune?

      • 100% All Natural Immune System Supplement.
      • 10 Key Ingredients. High Concentrations. Safe.
      • 625mg of herbal product in each serving.
      • Great Tasting Liquid Dropper Form. Vegan.
      • Tested and Approved for Professional Athletes.
      • Commitment to Quality, Service & Sustainability.

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