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About Us.

Rob and Amy Donnelly founded Ultra Immune in 2009 after years of searching for an immune product containing “real” ingredients, in concentrations that matter, and manufactured the correct way. We also refused to accept any fillers, alcohol, or unnatural ingredients. Not all supplements are created equal – our objective is to redefine quality and results starting with the immune system.

Rob, a Biomedical Science and venture capital guy, leveraged his network in the science, natural products, and health practitioner space to identify the ideal formulation, ingredients, and manufacturing options. Amy, a marketing and retail executive turned full-time supermom, made it relevant and marketable to the rest of us. She is relentless when it comes to the honesty and integrity in all aspects of our products.

Together, they work every day to help improve the health and performance of customers, deliver tangible results, and make a positive contribution to every community they touch.

Our Team
The Ultra Immune team is a blend of all the personas we serve: athlete, supermom, CrossFitter, Iron Man, boomer and road warrior. Not only are they passionate consumers of our products, they embody the work-hard play-hard lifestyle making each and every day count. For our team, the pursuit of excellence is the only option.

Our Advisers
All of our products are created out of a brain trust of advisers spanning science, nutrition, natural products and health practitioners (including a Nutrition and Supplement Adviser to the US Olympic Team). Together, we have done the deep research and homework to make sure you get the quality and results you expect from every product we make.

The path to creating a truly superior supplement is to leave no stone unturned from concept to finished product. Our mantra: Don’t confuse effort with results.

Our Support
An equally important aspect of our business is activism and philanthropic support for a growing list of charities and causes. There are so many in need in this world and we commit to direct a portion of corporate proceeds to doing good.

Thank you to our customers, partners, employees and advisers in helping make Ultra Immune a success.