Can Ultra Immune products be taken with other vitamins and supplements?

Absolutely. Ultra Immune is 100% all natural with ingredients derived from plants, mushrooms and roots.

Can Ultra Immune products be taken with prescription drugs?

There are no known interactions with any drug; but as is the case with any supplement, you should always consult your physician before using Ultra Immune.

Can Ultra Immune products be taken with food?

It is not recommended that Ultra Immune be taken with food. Our suggested use is taken on an empty stomach.

How often should I take the product?

We suggest twice daily on an empty stomach for the first month and then once daily (on an empty stomach) thereafter for maintenance. However, all our products are safe to be taken twice daily as necessary.

What if I don’t like the taste?

We have worked hard to develop a minty flavor that everyone will enjoy. If, however, it does not suit your palate, try mixing Ultra Immune with your favorite juice or beverage.

What can I expect from taking Ultra Immune?

Ultra Immune is an herbal supplement designed to support the natural function of your immune system. Since every person is unique, with a slightly varied nutritional and immune related profile, individuals may benefit differently. However, given the importance of the immune system to optimal performance, wellness and overall health, we believe you should do everything you can to support it.

How long does it take to have an effect on my body?

Like most natural products, Ultra Immune will need to be taken consistently in order for the ingredients to have an impact. We suggest taking daily for a minimum of two weeks.

What makes Ultra Immune’s Glucan 300 product unique?

Our Glucan 300 is the only product to combine Glucan 300 and BiAloe into one.

What makes Ultra Immune’s Daily Immune Support unique?

We believe Ultra Immune is the only product of its kind, comprised of a unique combination of ten herbal and botanical extracts evidenced to support a healthy immune system. In additional, the product is carefully manufactured so as to preserve the extracts and delivered in a convenient (and great tasting) liquid dropper form.

How does your manufacturing process render a better product?

Our proprietary manufacturing process is non-alcohol based. We begin with the best raw, whole food materials available, instill quality control measures at each step in the manufacturing process and use a rigorous small-batch approach to ensure the best product possible.

What about Echinacea?

After researching the scientific literature and interviewing herbalists, clinical nutritionists and other health professionals, we believe Echinacea is not appropriate for extended or long term daily use. The consensus seems to be that while Echinacea may be appropriate for short term use in supporting the immune system, it should not be included in a daily immune product.

Where can I buy Ultra Immune products?

Ultra Immune is available online at and select natural product and supplement retailers. If you would like to see our products on the shelf at your local store, please ask store management to contact us.

How do I contact the company for questions or comments?

We love hearing from our customers. Please send us an email at and we will respond promptly.