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Glucan 300®

Glucan 300® is an immune support supplement based on two seminal research studies demonstrating the superiority of our combined Glucan 300® plus BiAloe® (acemannan) as compared to other Beta Glucan ingredients or finished products sourced from around the world. We are the first and only to bring these two remarkable ingredients together into one product. It is the perfect compliment to our Daily Immune Support as it can be taken daily as well to help you feel and perform your best.

The benefits of Beta 1,3D Glucan have been well researched and published in recent years. However, it was a scientist at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, that clearly differentiated beta glucan suppliers and products in his pioneering research study. He demonstrated through a series of in-vitro and in-vivo studies that not all beta glucan products are created equal and one in particular – Glucan 300® – performed well above the rest. Read Dr. Vetvicka’s insightful book [Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret]

Acemannan, the key ingredient in Aloe Vera Inner Leaf extract, shares a similar story. Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, one of the original scientists involved in its isolation, has continued to perfect his extraction and purification process. The result is BiAloe®. Additionally, he has published on the discovery that it is a specific molecular size and shape that is the most effective for wellness and immune system support.

Together, Glucan 300® and BiAloe® create a synergistic effect that translates into a truly unique and remarkable immune system supplement. As with all our products it is intended to be taken daily and continuously to keep your immune system supported as you work, live and play.

Prove It Works

Our Glucan 300® product is the result of a research study commissioned by Ultra Immune to test the combined benefit and value of Glucan 300® and BiAloe® based on the exact same metrics and experiments of the original beta glucan study. The data tells the story and in Dr Vetvicka’s own words “we found significant synergistic effects of the combination.” [download study]

Which Do I Take?

We are often asked which do we take Daily Immune Support or Glucan 300®? The simple answer is both. Our Daily Immune Support contains ten key ingredients all of which are known for supporting wellness and immune function in a great tasting liquid immune support product. Glucan 300®, on the other hand, is a research driven product that is focused on delivering the synergistic benefits of two remarkable ingredients. They can be taken together or separate – each and every day.

Key Points:

  • Only product to combine Glucan 300® and BiAloe® ingredients in one.
  • Highly purified. All natural. Safe. Capsule form.
  • Longer lasting and superior activity for immune support.
  • Scientifically formulated to support immune activity and immunomodulation.
  • Commitment to quality, integrity and sound research.

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