Amateur or professional, a strong immune system is crucial for optimal performance.

It’s not just about staying well given the daily stress on your body, Ultra Immune supports a healthy immune system that can help you train hard, recover effectively and perform your best on the days that matter most. And for most of us, that’s every day.

Ultra Immune combines the best in all natural ingredients with unrivaled formulation technology to create the ultimate daily immune supplement. Most importantly our products are optimized and safe for daily and continuous use by athletes like you who are fighting hard each and every day to reach peak performance.

Scientifically formulated to keep you in the game.


WADA Approved

Ultra Immune is approved for professional athletes. Our products have undergone rigorous testing by HFL Sport Science for a range of substances banned by WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency) to provide the highest level of assurance that they are safe for every level of athlete. Feel safe and secure with the supplements you are putting in your body.

The Competitive Athlete

Studies have shown the challenging impact that strenuous exercise and competitive athletics can have on your body and immune system. A recent study of marathon runners indicated that over fifty percent of entrants have an immune system challenge with the weeks immediately following a race. The combination of training, travel and emotional stress can simply be too much. Give your body and immune system an edge with Ultra Immune.

Athlete Points:

  • Extreme physical activity can challenge the body and immune system.
  • Athletes must be “on” every day to train hard, recover and compete.
  • Immune system support is crucial for optimal performance.
  • The ideal solution should be optimized and safe for daily and continuous use.
  • Ultra Immune is the immune support solution for the athlete.
  • Quality ingredients and rigorous formulation.


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