Clay + Probiotic
for a healthy gut  
...and a happy dog


Dynamic Duo
of Gut Heath

Individually, our unique clay and formulation of eight beneficial probiotics work wonders for gastrointestinal (g.i.) support and wellness, but together they are an unbeatable natural product for superior canine gut health.

Ultraterra clay
proven to absorb
toxins and support
g.i. health 

Our proprietary and well characterized Calcium Bentonite Clay has been the subject of numerous scientific studies at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas Medical System. It has been demonstrated to bind certain toxins and other biological agents that can lead to gastrointestinal distress. 


sold exclusively
through vets

Photo Vet with Dogs.jpg

"Restore and maintain the gut microflora and microbiome."

— Robert Hunt Carpenter DVM, MS
  Chief Medical Advisor

daily maintenance
or as a part of a
vet treatment


eight beneficial
bacteria strains
for dogs

Our comprehensive formulation of eight bacterial strains that are beneficial for canine g.i. health sets a new standard for professional grade probiotics in the veterinarian community. We profiled, ranked and selected strains based on scientific literature, industry research and the unique characteristics of each bacteria. Together they form a powerful complex for healing, restoring, and maintaining intestinal health and wellness. 

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